What data are included in HistoricPlacesLA?

Data entry into HistoricPlacesLA is ongoing:

  • Designated Resources - HistoricPlacesLA currently includes a significant percentage of data on resources listed as City Historic-Cultural Monuments (HCMs) and Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs). Data on these resources, and resources designated under state and federal programs will be enhanced over time.
    • Until all designated resources data is in HistoricPlacesLA.org, continue to search for designated properties in ZIMAS (http://www.zimas.lacity.org).
  • SurveyLA Resources - HistoricPlacesLA includes information on properties identified as eligible for designation through SurveyLA, the Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey. If you do not find SurveyLA information on a property in HistoricPlacesLA, it may mean that SurveyLA found that the property does not qualify as a historic resource.
  • Other Surveys - Data from recent surveys completed by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), and not covered by SurveyLA, will be added to HistoricPlacesLA over time. In the meantime, these survey results are available in PDF report format at http://www.preservation.lacity.org/surveyla-findings-and-reports under "Other Recent Historic Resources Surveys."

Questions about the data? Contact the Office of Historic Resources (<sara.cruz@lacity.org).